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BonWorth New Arrivals: Update Your Wardrobe Today!

BonWorth New Arrivals: Update Your Wardrobe Today!

From its inception some 50 years ago up to this day, BonWorth has but one goal in mind: to dress older women in fashionable and comfortable attire at a price that is easy on the pocket! In keeping with this tradition, BonWorth has made sure to keep up with the changing times; updating and upgrading their collections to suit today’s modern woman.

If you’ve been feeling stressed over what to wear for spring and summer, BonWorth invites you to check out their new arrivals. Women, of course, always want to look their best, whether they are just staying at home or stepping out of the house for a quick errand. And no one understands this better than BonWorth. It’s especially challenging to find something to wear that will be suitable for the season’s weather, which is why BonWorth makes sure to update their collections according to season.

Look your best this spring and summer with BonWorth’s newest selections!

Feel light and cool or stay warm and cozy with BonWorth’s selection of cardigans, shirts, blouses, Capri pants, long pants, and pull on skirts. Each separate piece comes in different shades of pastel colors to make every woman feel and look fresh every time they step outside.

From floral prints to checkered shirts, and solid-colored tops and bottoms, you won’t have a hard time mixing and matching pieces to suit the occasion—and weather!

What’s great about the BonWorth spring and summer collection is that each piece was made with creating the perfect ensemble in mind, which means that women can easily create the perfect ensemble based on their personal style and fashion sense.

A bit chilly in the morning? Pair your cardigan with a top that complements its shade and print. Getting a bit warmer as the day progresses? Take off the cardigan and you’ll still look fashionable! That’s what we mean when we say every woman deserves to be “BonWorth Beautiful.”

Comfortable and Stylish Snoozies

Spring weather can be quite unpredictable. It can be chilly one minute and then warm the next without any warning! Keep your feet cozy all day long with stylish Snoozies from BonWorth! These come in different colors as well, so you can still be fashionable even while inside the house.

Snoozies sold in BonWorth are cozy and adorable foot coverings that you can wear around the house. Each pair is designed with thick, warm insoles and non-skid bottoms, and they come in a variety of colors: black/white, light blue, light green, navy, pink, and red. With these fashionable foot coverings, you won’t look drab at all even while relaxing at home!

Are you doing your BonWorth shopping online? Is the size or color that you want not available? Feel free to let us know! You can rest assured that BonWorth will check every store to find exactly what you are looking for; and if it’s available, it will be shipped directly to you!

Check out our new arrivals today! Shop now and be “BonWorth Beautiful” this spring and summer!